The Woodlands Toys

A little about The Woodlands….

We are a husband and wife duo who embarked on a journey of low waste and wanted to be able to create toys that had low impact on the environment. We also wanted to go back to basics, children having to work for their play outside of technology or battery operated toys means imaginations flourish! It is like a breath of fresh air watching a child holding a wooden whale and making it dive in and out of waves. Doing a puzzle in the form of a rainbow that can be turned into tunnels or be stared at by a newborn babe to encourage eye development, or simply be that special piece in a nursery.

All of our products are made using predominately maple and ash woods which are hard sustainable woods, making them sturdy, beautiful and most importantly working with nature in all their is to offer and not against.

Our paints, tints and oils are all VOC free, plant and mineral based and made in New Zealand.

From my family to yours, Thank you!