Kinfolk Pantry

Kindness starts at home. In the Kinfolk Pantry, this is what you shall find....

✿ Goods designed to last for the ages, just like they used to once upon a time.
✿ A story of where it came from that connects you to someone you want to know.
Pieces to link your kinfolk for now and forever.
We are for bringing families together, supporting a sustainable way of life and bringing you joy in knowing where your goods were made.

As a family, we relish the moments when our feet are bare, and our direction is heading for adventure. We wanted to fill our home with wares that reminded us of nature, of the world around us and of what we leave behind.

It was hard to find, but now we have a curated pantry of everything we know families just like us will love.
Beautiful hand-made, sustainable and ethically sourced products to fill your home and your hearts for as long as you let them.