Kiin Baby

It all started when Rose was pregnant with her daughter Hazel. In trying to prepare her own nursery she dreamed up products that she herself wanted (particularly in gender neutral designs and styles!) to create the perfect ambience for that special time of life; welcoming a new baby into the home. With the help and expertise of her mother Merrill, they established Kiin Baby in early 2019. Kiin Baby want to make it easy for other mums navigating the same path, to be able to find the essentials in one place.
At Kiin Baby, we pride ourselves on taking inspiration from the natural world whilst having a minimal impact on it. All of our products are sourced with a focus on natural materials that are safe, and we strive towards minimising our footprint for the current generation. We are a small company, joining in on the slow/ethical movement, and focusing on our products quality over quantity, made to love, and last.